WOMEN’S FORUM PHILOSOPHY The Women’s Forum supports the belief that women and men are equal and should therefore be given equal opportunity and rights to participate in all spheres of governance of Sierra Leone. The Women’s Forum reasoned that the long and historical marginalization and exclusion of women by men and society from enjoying these rights have undermined socio-economic development of the country and its attainment of national development policies and frameworks as well as regional and international frameworks such as the MDG and, now the, SDGs.

A just, enlightened and peaceful Sierra Leone with democratic principles and practices prevailing throughout the country and for all people, irrespective of sex, tribe, culture or status with empowered women and girls accessing available opportunities for developing their potential. 

The Women’s Forum, a viable network of women’s organisations, associations and groups striving to empower women and girls irrespective of their status and champion their case for effective and positive change through advocacy, public education and information sharing, while influencing policies for effective democracy, sustainable peace, security and development. 

• Respect for womanhood • Women’s solidarity • Transparency and accountability • Justice and rule of law • Love for the acquisition of knowledge and willingness to share

To create, motivate, encourage and promote a sense of belonging, ownership and commitment among women’s organisation as well as individual women in Sierra Leone to the Women’s Forum;
• To provide an advocacy mechanism for the recognition, promotion and protection of women and girls’ rights as human rights; • To empower leaders and members of all women’s organisations; and  • To facilitate effective collaboration with other organisations   that share common goals with the Forum, nationally and internationally. 

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